Star Wars: Grievous Wants Kylo’s Lightsaber in Fun Fan Edit

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March 24, 2020  12:29 PM


If you watch Star Wars, you know that General Grievous has a thing for collecting lightsabers, and there are multiple jokes about him trying to scavenge more additions to his collection thanks to r/PrequelMemes. Just in, we have a fun fan-edit of Grievous in The Rise of Skywalker going after Kylo’s lightsaber after he tosses it.

Check it out:


A fine addition from r/PrequelMemes


The video only runs for 15 seconds, but it has amassed over 145k likes on Reddit, which is impressive for a Prequel meme. I have to say, it does have some impressive editing; I don’t know what CG model they used for Grievous, but I’m betting it came from Star Wars Battlefront II.

After TROS, Star Wars is going to go for a bit of a hiatus, with the next film set to come out in 2022. Though a box office return is still far off, we’re still going to be getting some material over the next few years thanks to Disney+; besides Mandalorian, we also have the Obi-Wan and Cassian Andor series to look forward to. Then again, I’m sure everything has been delayed thanks to the Coronavirus epidemic. Hopefully post-production is going smoothly enough for Mando to make a release later in the year as planned.

Personally, I’m hoping we get a follow-up to Solo: A Star Wars Story, but I also wouldn’t mind a Rose Tico series for Disney+. The Sequel era deserves a comeback, and after TROS, some characters are in need of some better treatment.

For now, the second season of The Mandalorian is set to come out on Disney+ this October.

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