Luke Gets His Butt Kicked in New Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Clip

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By Bayani Miguel Acebedo | More Articles Star Wars nerd. Toy collector. Occasional Cosplayer.
February 25, 2019  10:36 AM


Last year we were teased that an anime-inspired Star Wars show would be coming our way, and though some people thought it was Star Wars Resistance, the web show Galaxy of Adventures seems to fit the bill more accurately. A new episode had just been uploaded and it gives us a retelling of the scene with Luke training on the Millennium Falcon with old Ben Kenobi.

Check it out:

The fun thing about these short clips is that they use original dialogue from the films, but they alter a lot of the scene to make it seem funnier or cooler. In the film, Luke just messes around with the training droid for a few minutes, but here it feels like he was training for quite a bit. I also think it’s great that we see Han absolutely lose it when Luke gets his butt kicked.

I think Galaxy of Adventures is a great series, and it kind of reconnects fans with scenes that they saw as a kid. I remember thinking that the battle between Ben and Vader was the most epic thing ever, but when I revisited it as an adult, I found myself a bit underwhelmed. Galaxy of Adventures manages to give us some scenes as we remember them.

We don’t know what else is in store for the web series, but they have been pumping out some great animation ever since it debuted. Catch more episodes by subscribing to Star Wars Kids on Youtube.

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