LAIKA Animators Go the Extra Mile for This Wonderfully Animated TikTok Video

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May 26, 2020  04:17 PM


While Disney and Illumination have been the big names when it comes to animated films, LAIKA maintains to be the dominant studio when it comes to stop-motion animation. What’s interesting is, the animators at LAIKA have come together amid quarantine to bring us this wonderfully animated collaboration of a TikTok video.

Check it out:



It’s actually a parody on the #fightchallenge which was said to be started by various stuntpeople showing off their skills during the lockdown. What’s great is, the video includes a lot of different types of stop motion, what with the use of figures, clay, and even regular household items; there’s even some clever 2D animation in there.



For now, LAIKA has just undergone one of its biggest box office bombs with Missing Link. The movie had cost $100 million to make but merely made $26 million for its worldwide gross. Despite the commercial failure, the movie was still a critical darling, and a lot of praise went to how the movie was made.

We don’t know what LAIKA has planned for the future, but they definitely need to do something when it comes to marketing their movies. Admittedly stop-motion animation has become a real novelty nowadays, but you can’t deny it’s potential for beautiful films. LAIKA just needs to get a story that will really draw audiences in. Admittedly, Missing Link just didn’t sound compelling enough when they announced it.

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