Jurassic Fraud: This Fyre Festival/Jurassic Park Trailer Mash-Up Works Hilariously Well

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By Bayani Miguel Acebedo | More Articles Star Wars nerd. Toy collector. Occasional Cosplayer.
February 07, 2019  12:40 PM

Netflix’s Fyre Festival documentary was trending all over the internet when it came out, and it followed the making of one of the most disastrous concert events in history which lead to a ridiculous amount of debt and misery. Nerdist decides to make a trailer for another (fictional) disaster, the opening of the first Jurassic Park. Surprising to say, it works incredibly well.

Jurassic Park entrepreneur John Hammond told the world he was bringing us the next big amusement park, what he gave the world was nothing short of FRAUD! It's everything you loved about the Fyre Festival scandal mashed up with DINOSAURS in this Nerdist Remix!

It’s funny how the editors were able to find similarities between the two vastly different films, making John Hammond to be the one lying to investors. A lot of the quotes work really well especially the ones about everyone fighting for themselves and the one where they actually bought an island.

For now, the Fyre Festival docu has already lost some of its steam, but the movie is still worth checking out if you have the free time. While some parts of it are horrifying to think about, you can find yourself laughing at how ridiculously ambitious the project turned out to be.

As for Jurassic Park? The last movie was able to make a lot of money in the box office, and for sure we’re going to be getting a third film in the Jurassic World franchise. It already has a release date set for June 11, 2021.

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