Honest Trailers: The X-Men Franchise Craps Itself One Last Time with Dark Phoenix

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September 17, 2019  02:40 PM

Nobody had anything nice to say about X-Men: Dark Phoenix when it came out, so when Screen Junkies comes up with their Honest Trailer for the film, you know they’re not pulling back any punches. Here’s their take on Simon Kinberg’s sendoff to one of the Fox’s most popular film franchises.

Previously on X-Men—just kidding. Doesn’t matter because no one will explain how or why Magneto is a free man after the last movie, or how the X-Men have a hot line to the president after this happened, or why they keep skipping decades even though it puts these characters in the 50s now. 50s.

If anything, Dark Phoenix isn’t completely Kinberg’s fault. I don’t know if anyone forced him to direct the film, but even with his first time at the helm, the movie was plagued with so much trouble behind the scenes that it resulted into the wet fart that was the final product.

If you haven’t been caught up with the news, the movie was supposed to end with the Phoenix taking on a force of Skrull ships that were in the Earth’s atmosphere. Sound familiar? Because that’s exactly what happens in the end of Captain Marvel. It was said that Marvel had asked Fox to change the ending when negotiations for Disney to buy Fox started happening. If Dark Phoenix had come out on its original 2018 release date, I bet a lot of people would be teasing Captain Marvel for copying the ending.

For now, this iteration of the X-Men is officially done, and we can only look forward to Marvel Studios bringing in mutants to the MCU. We don’t know what they have in store yet, but hopefully Kevin Feige and his team have something better than what fanboys come up with in the forums.

The next MCU film is Black Widow, and it’s set for a release on May 1, 2020.

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