Honest Trailer for The Incredibles II

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November 07, 2018  01:13 PM


Brad Bird’s The Incredibles II came out to be one of the most successful animated movies of the year, and with the film hitting Blu-Ray and digital, Screen Junkies has come out with their signature Honest Trailer.

I’ll admit that the trailer does have a point in that The Incredibles II, just like other Disney Pixar sequels, didn’t really hit the mark of the original movie. Sure it still had its moments, and the action was amazing, but I never really felt like the film was just as grandiose as the first one.

Either way, the characterization, action, and humor is still fantastic. Personally it felt more like an episode as compared to an actual sequel.

There’s also the case that the Incredibles films kind of have a hidden message that tells the audience that special people can do whatever they please. I’m sure that wasn’t the intended purpose, but the theme seems to ring true for a lot of Pixar films. Then again, these are movies meant for kids, so it would be silly to look too much into them. It was still a fun ride from beginning to end.

Though it took more than a decade for this sequel to come out, I bet it wouldn’t take too long this time for Disney Pixar to pump out a third movie. Though I would love for Brad Bird to come back and finish an entire trilogy, I would be fine if someone else gave their own spin on the Parr family and this animated world of superheroes.

The Incredibles II is now available for digital and Blu-Ray.

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