Honest Trailer For Batman Forever Makes You Realize Val Kilmer’s Batman Never Closes His Mouth

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - November 14, 2017

With the release of Justice League this week, Screen Junkies is scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for something JL-related to make fun of, and Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever drew the short straw. Check out the new Honest Trailer:

After human Cure song Tim Burton made Batman cool for the mainstream then put too much kinky stuff in the sequel to sell kids toys, Warner Bros picked Joel Schumacher as the pariah—er, director to push the franchise in a more family-friendly direction; but hey, this is what we had to go through to get Nolan. Take it away, Joel!

Despite all the flak that Schumacher gets for “ruining the Batman franchise,” Forever still manages to be less horrible than Batman and Robin. Either way, this movie was the start of the Batman franchise starting to bomb.

The movie has a lot of trademark 90s gimmicks, what with Jim Carrey playing the central villain in the height of his fame and Robin being the standard 90s “cool teen.” I almost forgot that there was even a laundry-karate scene.

Batman’s come a long way since the 90s, and like the trailers point out, we have Schumacher to thank for Nolan taking over the Bat-franchise. You think we would’ve gotten Batman Begins if Batman and Robin was a hit? They’d probably bleed that continuity dry.


Catch the new Batman onscreen again when Justice League hits theaters Nov. 17.

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