Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Gets An Honest Game Trailer

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By Bayani Miguel Acebedo | More Articles Star Wars nerd. Toy collector. Occasional Cosplayer.
August 13, 2019  04:34 PM

Avengers: Endgame hits Blu-Ray/DVD today, and Fandom Games has decided that it’s the right time to release their Honest Game Trailer for the closest thing we can get to an MCU game—Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

In a world overrun by superhero franchises, a beloved game series returns to give Marvel buffs the double shot of fanservice they need, and the slack-jawed button-mashing gameplay they deserved—Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Though there was a lot of hype for the follow-up to Ultimate Alliance, the game admittedly ended up not bringing anything new to the table. With the big craze over the MCU (and the sore lack of video game tie-ins), I guess it’s pretty cool to have a game where we can have all the Marvel characters together.

If anything, Square Enix is looking to remedy Marvel’s video game problem with their Avengers game. So far the reception has been mixed based on the first trailer, but hopefully, we can get some fantastic gameplay footage soon. A lot of people are hoping that Avengers manages to put Marvel games on par with the box office giant that is the MCU.

Heck, I’d be happy with an MCU-based fighting game like Injustice or Tekken. Whatever happened to the video game tie-ins from the PS2 era?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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