Game of Thrones 8: Watch Ben Wyatt's Extended Reaction to Getting An Iron Throne

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April 14, 2019  05:39 PM


Parks and Recreation may have ended back in 2015, but the show continues to be meme-able all over the internet to this day. With Game of Thrones set to premiere its final season this month, the official P and R page has decided to release this extended look at one of the more memorable scenes in the series—Ben Wyatt getting an Iron Throne as a gift.

Check it out:

Just in case you need some context, this is the original scene:

To compare it to the original scene, Ben has a sillier freakout before he actually sits on the throne. He also attempts to do a little roleplaying with Leslie who makes references to both Star Trek and Star Wars—ultimately ending with Ben sending her out so he can geek out by himself. Just the part with him saying “Yes” and “No” to himself is gold.

If you follow Parks and Rec, there’s actually multiple references to Thrones, and the biggest fan in the show is no doubt Cones of Dunshire architect Ben Wyatt. In the final season which takes place in a fictionalized 2017, they even predict that Game of Thrones has Daenerys marrying Jack Sparrow which sounds ridiculous but would make sense if you supposedly ‘read the books.’

A lot of hype is building up for the final season of Game of Thrones, and everyone is already gearing up for the premiere coming tonight on HBO.

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