Every Reference and Easter Egg in the The Rise of Skywalker Novelization

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March 26, 2020  12:14 PM


It was no mystery that The Rise of Skywalker ended with some questions unanswered, and that’s where the novelization comes in; to fill in some blanks and expound on the plot. Thanks to Star Wars Explained on Youtube, we have a breakdown of the references to the expanded universe that can be found in the novelization.

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Besides the novelization explaining how Palpatine came back to life, we also get references to other materials in the canon. For one, the final fight with all the civilian ships includes squadrons from other branches of the story, from Alphabet Squadron to Inferno Squad from Star Wars Battlefront II.

We also have a bit where Lando explores the Falcon and sees just how much Han had changed when he got it. The cape room that we saw in Solo: A Star Wars Story had apparently been turned into Chewbacca’s room. Lando is also still in possession of another ship called The Lady Luck which we saw in the book Star Wars: Last Shot.

If you didn’t like The Rise of Skywalker from the get-go, there’s very little chance that the novel will change your mind. But if you did love the story, then the novel is there to help expand on a lot of elements that I’m sure you’d be interested in. Personally I didn’t like the film when it came out, but now that I’ve had months to sit on it, I can say that it’s not really the end of my fandom, and the characters are still great.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now available on digital and comes out on Blu-ray/DVD on March 31.

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