Disney Officially Releases 'Friend Like Me' Number from Aladdin

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August 06, 2019  11:24 AM


I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of the live-action Aladdin, but if the movie had any saving graces, it was definitely Will Smith’s performance as the Genie. The movie has already grossed a billion worldwide, and Disney has just decided to release the Friend Like Me number from the film officially.

When it comes to comparisons of the original film, I think Friend Like Me is the only one to match visuals and music. It’s not as fast and energetic as Robin Williams’ version, but it’s the most magic we get to see from Genie throughout the entire movie. Even the Prince Ali sequence was kind of slow if you ask me.

With Aladdin’s success, a lot of people are wondering if Disney is ever going to make a sequel. There are already two more to choose from for an Aladdin trilogy, but there was never really any applaud for Return of Jafar. If anything, they should probably just remake King of Thieves and rewrite the entire Return of Jafar for the third movie.

Then again, they kind of closed the door on Genie becoming magical by turning him into a human by the end of the movie; and without the Genie, you may as well not have an Aladdin franchise.

Aladdin is set to hit digital this coming Aug. 27, but you can also get it on Blu-Ray/DVD on Sept. 10.

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