Carol Danvers Can’t Show Emotions in Honest Trailer for Captain Marvel

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June 11, 2019  01:26 PM


Captain Marvel is hitting home video and Screen Junkies has released their Honest Trailer take for Marvel’s first woman superhero.

Journey to Hala and meet Captain Marvel, a girl with the power of spaceship. She’s a snarky flying soldier with amnesia on her quest to recover her true identity—a snarky flying soldier without amnesia; just don’t tell her how to feel.

Admittedly the Honest Trailer is being very objective when it comes to Captain Marvel and isn’t as harsh as they were for previous movies. Personally, I thought the movie didn’t have enough emotional stakes, and the 90s references were just kind of too blatant.

With the origin out of the way through, we can finally push forward with the story of Carol Danvers. Does she stay off the planet and help the universe, or is she going to be an Earth savior now? With Mindy Kaling confirming there are plans to introduce Kamala Khan, I would love for a movie where Carol comes back to Earth, has an adventure with Kamala, and leaves her to become Earth’s Ms. Marvel.

We don’t know when we’re going to meet Captain Marvel onscreen again, but after the success of the first film, you bet Marvel is already working on a sequel. Who knows, she could be the new face of the MCU now that Iron Man and Captain America have officially been retired.

Catch Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame still in theaters.

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