Bumblebee, Robocop, and Donatello Appear in Fun Ads for Direct Line

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March 17, 2020  05:26 PM


Transformers, Robocop, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are three box office franchises that are currently on hiatus, and with the films taking their time to come back to the big screen, insurance company Direct Line has made use of Bumblebee, Robocop, and Donatello for these fun ads.

Check them out:





What’s fantastic is that they don’t skimp on production value at all. Bumblebee looks just like he did in the movie, and Robocop looks like he came straight out of the 80s. I guess the only really different design is Donatello, but he looks like an accurate movie version of the character if they had more cartoon-accurate designs for the movies.

Though the franchises are currently in hiatus, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any current plans for them down the line. Rumor has come out that AllSpark Pictures is actually working on 2 Transformers titles, a sequel to Bumblebee and an adaptation of Beast Wars. There have also been rumblings of a Robocop sequel, but since Neill Blomkamp left the project, we haven’t been getting any relevant updates.

As for Turtles, the movie franchise is on hiatus, but Nickelodeon is still working with their latest iteration on TV. Let’s hope they come back to the big screen soon; and if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t really mind if we came back to the Bay-verse Turtles at all.

We don’t have any release dates for any of these films, and we’re probably going to see a delay thanks to the Coronavirus Outbreak. For now, just keep posted on Epicstream.com for any future updates.

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