Bright Honest Trailer: Will Smith is Yet another Wild Card Cop with a By-The-Book Partner

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - March 13, 2018

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi being loved by critics but panned by fans, Netflix’s Bright came out as the opposite, what with the critics hating it, but fans loving it. Screen Junkies has decided it’s high time they made fun of the movie, and they’ve released their honest trailer for Bright.

You’ve never seen a premise his interesting get so squandered, where all the creative possibilities of a fantasy world being part of our own for two thousand years—everything turned out exactly the sam. No seriously, our history’s the same, our businesses are the same, even out pop-culture didn’t change!

While critics may have thought that Bright was terrible, a lot of people seem to stand by the film, and that’s the main reason why Netflix is so confident with moving forward with the sequel. Personally, the movie is a bit irritating to watch for me, and I kind of lost my faith in director David Ayer. Like the trailer said, the interesting premise was so terribly squandered for Bright.

With Ayer now working on the script for the next one, I just hoped he listened to some of the criticism for Bright, and improved upon it with the sequel. The trailer looked amazing, I admit, but the movie ended up so lackluster.

Bright is now available on Netflix.


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