Bird Box Honest Trailer: What if A Quiet Place was Bad?

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January 30, 2019  12:32 PM

Last December saw the release of Bird Box, and though the movie definitely wasn’t good, a lot of people on Netflix definitely wanted to know what all the memes were about. Now Screen Junkies has released their Honest Trailer take on the film:

Feast your eyes on the scariest movie that sounds like a monthly subscription to low-cal snack food, and experience a horror film told along two different timelines—where one is a tense survival tale set in the post-apocalypse, while the other is a cross between The Happening and the first act of every zombie movie.

Admittedly, Bird Box is only problematic when you try to look too much into it. For one, the world doesn’t really establish who goes crazy and who doesn’t. While there are people who’ve seen the monsters and just try to force people to look, there are the more “controlled” weirdoes who make elaborate lies to trap the sane people into looking.

John Malkovich’s character is also admittedly annoying—heck, the whole flashback sequence is kind of hard to watch. When the story kicks in with the kids though, Bird Box gets tense, and we have some genuinely great acting moments from Sandra Bullock.

For now, it doesn’t seem like Bird Box is getting a sequel, but Bullock is set to produce and possibly star in Netflix’s Reborn, the first movie based on the Millarworld property that Netflix acquired. Hopefully, we get some significant updates before the year ends—most likely at Comic-Con.

Catch Bird Box on Netflix.

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