Dominic Monaghan Shares Story of Lord of the Rings Cast Tattoo

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May 02, 2016  02:04 PM

The epic Lord of the Rings film series may have long been over, but it’s still a treat for fans to hear stories about what went on behind the scenes between the cast and crew.

In EW’s latest edition of Greatest Story Ever Told, Dominic Monaghan, who played the role of Merry the Hobbit, shares one story between the cast of the Peter Jackson helmed films that will remind fans of their special bond, making the movies that much more extraordinary.

The 39-yaer-old English actor joked “To be fair, my greatest stories ever are illegal,” before revealing how the entire cast of Lord of the Rings had matching tattoos as a sign of their friendship.

Monaghan recalled:

It was one of those beautiful moments, where we all felt like we had been through this war, this battle, together in a lot of different ways.

That really brought together that family feeling.

Check out th Monaghan’s entire tale below:


It took over six years before the Academy Award-winning Lord of the Rings finished filming. It’s no surprise that its cast would form a special kind of friendship distinct to the cast and the films’ fans. It’s nice to see that after all these years, Monaghan spoke of the tattoo in a kind of fondness that we could only witness in a few film franchises.

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