Adele’s Hello Remixed With Batman and Robin, Star Wars, E.T., Harry Potter, Iron Man & More In Amusing Video

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By Althea Serad | More Articles
May 23, 2016  08:55 PM

When we saw Adele’s Hello getting the ultimate Star Wars Stormtrooper treatment back in February, we thought we’ve already seen an epic Hello mashup that cannot be topped. Well, a new Hello movie remix that’s just been uploaded by YouTuber Kathlen Bollen, and while the remix isn’t as Star Wars-centric as the one we saw earlier this year, it definitely deserves to be highlighted.

Not only did Kathlen Bollen include Star Wars in her mashup, several other famous films including Harry Potter, The Matrix, FargoThe IncrediblesBatman and RobinBoogie Nights, E.T.Anchorman, and Men in Black are in it. There are a slew of other movies in the remix, but I lost count during the middle, and some aren’t very familiar to me.

Nevertheless, I think Bollen put in a lot of hard work into the video’s making. It also shows the YouTuber’s wide knowledge of film culture that such a number of movie lines were included in the mix, with both classics and more recent films thrown in.

Perhaps it also proves that even film characters like Han Solo, Iron Man, and Hagrid can’t help but sing the highly infectious No. 1 song of the Grammy winner.

Check out the video below:


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