Incredibles 2 Review: More Incredible Than Before

Author Thumbnail BY Maria Guanzon - - June 18, 2018

After 14 years of waiting, Brad Bird delivers a fantastic sequel to The Incredibles. He once said that he would only make a sequel only if it’s better than the original. Well, Incredibles 2 certainly doesn’t disappoint. It finds the perfect balance of bringing superhero goodness as well as taking a glimpse at the Parr’s equally exciting home life.

Incredibles 2 takes place three months after Syndrome’s defeat where the use of superpowers is still illegal. Frozone, Mr. Incredible, and Elastigirl met Winston Deavor, a telecommunications tycoon who wants to bring back the "supers" into action. Being the least destructive among the three, Elastigirl leads the mission of changing the people’s perception towards superheroes.

As usual for Pixar, the film is visually engrossing. The flawless animation, seamless editing,  along with Michael Giacchino score hit the right notes. Aside from the movie’s masterful technicalities, Incredibles 2 is also multi-layered with relevant themes and relatable dynamic characters that resonate with every family member.

The Parrs are really lovable and fun to watch. I love how Bob, a.k.a Mr. Incredible, sets aside his ego to give his wife the spotlight that she deserved. He embraced his new role with open arms as he takes care of his three super kids. Even though it’s not as thrilling as saving the world, he loves his family so much that he gives his best effort to make them all happy. 

Elastigirl is so inspiring. Every mom will see themselves looking for the excitement outside the mundane housework for once. Elastigirl is very crafty, clever, and quick-witted. She shines during the most intense action scenes in this movie. She is definitely a badass heroine that Disney longs to have. I can also see growth in Dash’s character. He is still a kid but he is more responsible with homework and tending to his younger brother, Jack-Jack. Violet is more spunky than before. The shy awkward young lady in the first film turned into an angsty demanding teen. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

The biggest standout, however, is Jack-Jack. He is adorable and so hilarious. He stole the whole movie by exhibiting his multiple powers. There is a gut-busting scene involving a raccoon and him. It’s also great to see Edna Mode back. She developed a great fondness for Jack-Jack that is so endearing. Brad Bird’s voicework for Edna is spot-on. Actually, every voicework is done great especially Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone and Holly Hunter as Helen Parr/Elastigirl. We can definitely hear the distinction of each of the character's personalities through unique voices.

Every great superhero flick opens a philosophical discourse between its audiences. The first film has done it with Syndrome’s outlook. Incredibles 2 introduced themes such as Cynicism, Idealism, and even Pragmatism. The villain, Screenslaver, is dangerous and shifty. It’s hard to catch someone that uses mind control. More so, Elastigirl found it hard catching him because he operates by controlling the screens. However, it’s easy to predict who is the person behind that villain when you pay attention to the hints given.

The main argument for this film is, “Does the world need superheroes?” The film perfectly captures the side of both the cynic and the idealist. There is a great backstory that introduced that argument. In one of Screenslaver’s speeches, he said that people are too passive to take charge of their life. If superheroes will once again be legal, people would depend on them even more. Thus, they became even more passive that counteracts with the pragmatic point of view.

Looks like MCU has a competition in providing multi-faceted superhero movies. Surprisingly, it’s not DCEU. I don’t know how long it will take again for the next Incredibles film to come out. But, seeing how great the two films turned out, we really need an Incredibles franchise. Make it happen, Brad!

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