The Infinity Gauntlet Molded Mug - Product Review

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles , MTG Writer/Streamer
April 03, 2016  10:05 AM

The two-part Avengers: Infinity Wars movies are coming in just a few years, and to get us more hyped for the epic Marvel saga, I'm reviewing something that would remind us of the overpowered villain, Thanos: An Infinity Gauntlet molded mug exclusive from Entertainment Earth

Of course, the box comes with an illustration of the big baddie, who will be played by Josh Brolin in the movies. At first glance, it looks like the "hand crafted, hand painted" molded mug would make me want to sip coffee or chai tea from this mug so I could conquer the morning like the ultimate villain. 

Now, let's open it, and feel its power. 

The Infinity Gauntlet mug slides well on my hand as I grasped it. There's sufficient space between the handle and the cover, so no need to worry about losing your grip as you wield the power of caffeine. 

It's heavier than your average mug, but this is not a substitute for dumbbells, so even a kid could easily carry it. And holding it just feels as great as it looks. Check out those Infinity gems!

The Soul and Reality "gems" look identical in color, but I like how they all look accurate to to the one we've seen in the comics. 

The mug could hold up to 16 oz, and as you can see in the images below, the inside looks smooth and well-sculpted. 

Even the Infinity Gauntlet mug has a weakness: you can't put it in the microwave as the bottom of the mug warns: 

But who would microwave a mug that looks as good as this anyways? You can just pour hot coffee on it without worrying about spilling. I realized that the glove part of the mug could actually protect your hand from hot drips. 

If you're a big fan of the Marvel Universe, you'd have fun imagining yourself as Thanos just by holding this mug, so attack the morning with it and harness the power of caffeine while looking awesome.

The Infinity Gauntlet mug is available on Entertainment Earth for only $15.99. 

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