Iron Man 3D Mug Looks Badass But Is It As Slick as It Looks?

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles , MTG Writer/Streamer
August 24, 2016  03:09 PM

At first glance, this Iron Man 3D Mask from looks cool --and it is with its finely sculpted Mark42 mask design -- but do you really want to use this for your liquids? 

A true Iron Man fan would probably want this for its iconic red-and-gold badass look. The colors and structure look accurate and slick even though its shell is made of cheap plastic. Even its handle feels like a trigger of a high-tech laser beam. 

Its material may not feel as majestic as it looks, but I think it's light and compact enough for travel, outdoor picnic, camping, or children's party. The plus side is that it's not as fragile as other superhero-inspired mugs made of glass or any other breakable materials. 


It may look as sophisticated as Iron Man, but it's a pretty simple mug with no fancy tech. The way the lid opens looks nice, but some of you might find this mug hard to drink because of how the lid could hit your face. I had to angle my neck a certain way to comfortably sip from it. 


Nonetheless, this mug rocks for its durability and design, so if you're a true Iron Man fan who want to be reminded how badass Tony Stark is while drinking coffee, grab this bad boy at

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