The Quest for the Perfect Dice Tray - The Dragon Tray by Dog Might Games

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles
February 08, 2017  05:30 PM

The days of bland uninspired dice rolling is over! The craftsmen of Dog Might Games continue to impress with their epic line of kick ass gaming gear. This time, they have outdone themselves with the Dragon Tray!

After years of gaming, I’ve become convinced that a good dice tray is an essential part of any gamer's armory. Just about every physical game uses dice in some respect, and for serious gamers, that means a lot of dice rolling, and often a lot of search parties for dice that bounce off tables. A dice tray is a long term solid investment for every gamer, but most dice trays lack any form of customizability or quality craftsmanship. Today, I’m taking a look at a new kind of dice tray, the Dragon Tray, sent to us by Dog Might Games.

In the Dog Might fashion, the Dragon Tray is the epitome of the accessory in both aesthetic, breadth of designs, and craftsmanship. Check out a few different Dragon Trays below:

In case you hadn't noticed, these trays come in all sorts of forms, wood grains, and surface materials. I had the chance to game with the Arcane Circle Dragon Tray. It features runic/spell inspired symbols forming a ring around the tray, and a blue felt landing area for dice. As a mage inclined gamer, I love this tray. The design is awesome, and the hand carved details are truly epic. The Dragon Tray is unequivocally the best looking dice tray I’ve ever seen! 

A handy and appreciated feature of the Dragon Tray is the wall hanging mount on the back, so when you're done with your gaming session, you can keep your desk clear.

As far as functionality, the Dragon Tray works just as you expect it would. It has soft rubber legs underneath that keep the tray from scratching table surfaces, while providing stability. The dice rolling surface is evenly flat and provides a satisfying dice roll experience.

Overall, I am impressed with the fine details, breadth of designs, and superior craftsmanship of the Dragon Tray. Moving this thing around, you can really tell it is a solid and quality gaming accessory that is going to last a long time.
The entry level price for the Dragon Tray is $99. You can check out the 25 different designs and pick up your own Dragon Tray from the Dog Might Games KickStarter here!

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