Zack Snyder Will Not Promote 'Justice League' To The Press

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - September 13, 2017

Justice League will be coming to theaters in two months, so you can bet that Warner Bros is going to do a lot of press releases to promote the film. Most of the cast and crew will likely be involved, except for one very crucial member: Zack Snyder. The Batman V Superman director was at the helm for the film, before tragedy struck when his daughter took her life, resulting in Snyder backing out and Joss Whedon taking over.

Superbromovies reached out to Zack Snyder’s publicist about the director possibly appearing for any press release, but the answer is a pretty definitive no. “Zack will not be doing any press for Justice League, but thank you for asking.” No one can blame the man, since he has been spending time with his family, who are understandably devastated after what happened.

While Joss Whedon ended up directing a good portion of the film’s ongoing reshoots, Snyder will be keeping his directorial credit. It was recently revealed that Whedon would be taking a writing credit, since he supposedly rewrote 33% of the movie. Apparently, the film stuck close to Snyder’s original vision, hence his credit remaining intact.

Justice League will be showing in theaters on November 17. The film has Batman and Wonder Woman form a team with Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash as they take on a new threat that’s too much for one hero.


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