Why James Cameron Decided To Come Back To The Terminator Franchise

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - August 13, 2017

Though legendary director James Cameron may have been responsible for making Terminator the franchise that it is today, he has been uninvolved with the franchise since he finished the second one. Cameron, however, is now deciding to go back to Terminator, and he reveals the reason why he suddenly wanted to come back.

In an interview with IGN, Cameron reveals:

    “I got out of the Terminator business after Terminator 2 because I didn’t control the underlying IP [intellectual property]. I had sold it off very early on when I was nobody, not a director, nothing, and I was just thrilled to be working on a movie. When I became aware of the fact that I could get back into a control position on the rights, then I started to ask myself, artistically, is there anything there? Is there anything to be said that I haven’t already said, and that would even be relevant in the 2020s (when these hypothetical films would come out)? I thought, ‘Well, let’s look at that.’

    “I mean, a lot of the things that were science fiction in Terminator are now around us. You know, from predator drones… and actual discussions on the ethics on having a robot have its own kill decision possibilities, things like that; it’s actually happening. So, ‘Okay, maybe there is room for a film that examines these themes.’ It just has to be retooled for an audiences’ expectations from now.”

The latest two Terminator movies were huge duds, and it looks like Cameron is just the brain to help the franchise gain its fire once again. Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to return for this sixth Terminator film, and Deadpool director Tim Miller is also being tapped to direct.

Though Terminator is a franchise that was fun to watch, a lot of fans are feeling mixed about it continuing. Sure Genisys wasn’t the best movie, but this time, James Cameron, the man who made these movies great, is coming back to steer the ship. Let’s all have a little faith.

No official release date has been announced for Terminator 6, but the movie is aiming to start production early next year.

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