Warner Bros. Is Mulling Over 5 DC Films For One To Release In 2018

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - March 18, 2017

With the trouble production news behind The Batman  and Flash, the only sure movie that Warner Bros. has coming out for DC next year is James Wan’s Aquaman. As it turns out, the studio is actually mulling out five DC titles — one of which will be releasing next year. Hopefully they decide to work on the right project.

According to Variety writer Justin Kroll, the five titles that DC is considering are:

  1. Gotham City Sirens
  2. The Flash
  3. Green Lantern Corps
  4. Suicide Squad 2
  5. Dark Universe/Justice League Dark

It’s one tough decision for Warner Bros. to make. With such a short period of time before production, fans are worried that whichever project gets picked could end up with a mediocre script — like Suicide Squad — but it was also revealed that if the studio isn’t happy with any of the scripts, they’re fine with having just Aquaman release next year.

 The DC Cinematic Universe has yet to release a movie that has been universally praised by everyone. After the disappointing reception to Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, fans are hoping that Wonder Woman will finally redeem the universe and save it from another eventual reboot.

Wonder Woman comes out on June 2.

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