X-Men: Dark Phoenix Star Reveals That The Skrulls Were Originally Part Of The Movie

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June 11, 2019  09:07 PM



Sure, Captain Marvel was the first to introduce the Skrulls into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, there have long since been rumors that 20th Century Fox’s newest X-Men entry, Dark Phoenix, would also include the shapeshifting aliens. It turns out that the rumors were actually true.

Speaking in an interview with the ReelBlend podcast at a London press junket for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Fox’s Cyclops star Tye Sheridan talks about some of the major changes made to the end of the film.

“There is this huge battle between the guards at the U.N. and Jean Grey," Sheridan told the podcast. “All the guards turn out to be Skrulls.”

Though we never do get to see the Skrulls in the film, we do get to see creatures with a similar ability. Jessica Chastain’s character can also change appearance, however, in Dark Phoenix, the creature is from the D’bari Empire – not the least bit a Skrull. According to fans, this might have been one of the changes made to the film so that the movie would avoid any similarities to Captain Marvel.

The word Skrull is also never mentioned in Dark Phoenix.

"Well, I was sent the script immediately, so it was pretty clear, she was otherworldly," Chastain said of her character. "Basically I'm there to encourage Jean to be her full self and that includes the darkness. I was like, I was saying something, I was like the little devil whispering in her ear, on her shoulder."

Guess Fox wanted to make sure that the Skrulls wouldn’t have anything to do at all with the movie.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is currently screening in cinemas.

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