Wonder Woman ‘Origin’ Trailer Receives Backlash Because Of Diana’s Shaved Armpits

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
March 16, 2017  03:12 PM

Though the Wonder Woman trailers have been successfully building up fans excitement over what many hope to be the redeeming film for the stumbling DC Expanded Universe, it seems like some aren’t too pleased with the recently released Wonder Woman “Origin” trailer.

Last weekend, Warner Brothers released the fourth and final trailer for Wonder Woman, an “Origin” preview which featured the upbringing and training of Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince in Themyscira. Though many felt thrilled watching the film, it seems like a certain scene in the trailer has sparked feminist outrage online.

At the 1:40 point in the trailer, fans havespotted what they claim to be Diana’s edited armpits – the skin of her pits having a smooth, but oddly grey coloring. This has caused some backlash online with netizens taking issue on the shaved or edited armpits.

Check out the responses down here:




Fans certainly do have a point questioning Diana’s shaven skin – after all, without the rest of the world to shape beauty standards the Amazon women in Themyscira must have kept their bodies as natural as possible. Besides, women plucking the hair out of their pits only started after a marketing ploy by a sleeveless and sheer dress trend back in 1922. But then again, Wonder Woman’s representation in comics and older movies always seemed to have clean armpits. Let’s wait for Warner Bros. and DC’s response to the issue.

Wonder Woman releases on June 2, 2017.

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