Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Is A Runner-Up In TIME’s Person Of The Year List

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - December 06, 2017

Patty Jenkins might not have made the cover, but it seems like the DC Extended Universe Wonder Woman director made it into the top ten pick of TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year list.

After Wonder Woman’s overwhelming success and positive reception, it seems like Jenkins has earned another feather in her cap this year, placing seventh in TIME Magazine’s top ten selection for its Person of the Year list.

According to the profile written by TIME, the publication had chosen Jenkin partly because her work in the DCEU offered the world a timely symbol that “offered up her portrait of a woman during a real-world year bookended by the defeat of America’s first mainstream female presidential candidate and the beginning of a revolution against sexual harassment.”

“So often superhero victories are obvious,” Jenkins explained in an interview with the publication. “There’s a bad guy. He’s going to kill people. O.K., fine. It (Wonder Woman) was much more symbolic of ‘I say no to what you all are doing, how you all are living your life. I still love you. I’m still engaged with you. I still understand it’s complicated. But I say no to this. To shooting people from afar who you cannot see, I say no.’”

2017 definitely has been a better year for Women, and Jenkins definitely deserved her spot on TIME’s Person of the Year List, helping the movement to empower women in society.

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