Wonder Woman 1984 Set Videos Bring Steve Trevor And Diana Back Together

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - June 14, 2018

It looks like Patty Jenkins wants to get the most important scenes for Wonder Woman 1984 out of the way.

There was a lot of great Wonder Woman 2 reveals yesterday and fans were pretty surprised when Jenkins herself posted a photo revealing that Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) actually survived that dramatic explosion in the first Wonder Woman and made it to the 1980s well and alive.

Now, it looks like Jenkins has begun working on indubitably one of the most important scenes in Wonder Woman 1984 ­– the reunion between Gal Gadot’s Diana and Steve Trevor.

The very first set videos from the Wonder Woman sequel have begun to make their way online, and it looks like we’re getting scenes where Steve would reunite with the Princess of Themyscira.

Though it’s pretty hard to discern what’s going on in the first fan video on the set of Wonder Woman 1984, it’s pretty clear that Pine and Gadot are working together on a scene in their glorious 80’s get-ups. You’ve got to love that fanny pack on Steve Trevor.

That’s not the only video that’s made its way online though. The same fan that made the first video managed to get an overhead view of the shoot, and though we’re not quite sure what’s going on, it’s pretty funny hearing the fan going “oh my god” throughout everything.

We definitely can’t wait to see what’s going to go down in Wonder Woman 1984 when it hits cinemas on November 1, 2019.

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