Wesley Snipes Is Beyond Excited For Black Panther

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - February 13, 2018

Blade star Wesley Snipes is more than excited that Black Panther is finally slashing through cinemas this Friday.

Sitting down with Slate, Snipes expressed his enthusiasm for Marvel’s very first solo film for the King of Wakanda, a movie that he knows is going to make a dent across the superhero film genre as well as across the Hollywood landscape.

“Excited is definitely not the word. Overcome, overjoyed, clutch the pearls, I am ecstatic about it. I know what it’s going to do, the impact it’s going to have, not only on the minds of the community but on the industry and the minds of those who are now the new gatekeepers. When they see the money, that’s a wrap. It’s a wrap. It’s inevitable that it opens up new opportunities, it’s like dropping a load of seed in the mud. It’s going to grow. It’s going to grow.”

Back in the 1990’s, Snipes took on the bold initiative to make his own Black Panther film, and though the project never came to fruition, the Marvel star must be happy to see T’Challa finally getting a film of his own. Black Panther is an important film, not only because it’s the first standalone movie for the King of Wakanda, but also because it’s the first superhero film with a predominantly black cast.

Black Panther premieres on February 16, 2018.



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