Warner Brothers Have Begun Discussing Aquaman 2

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December 06, 2018  02:44 PM



Aquaman might have two weeks more to go till the King of Atlantis swims to cinemas, but it looks like Warner Brothers has already begun discussing a sequel to Jason Momoa’s first standalone movie as the DC Extended Universe’s fish-talking Arthur Curry.

Warner Brothers seems to be pretty confident that Aquaman will make waves when it premieres – something which doesn’t seem very surprising considering the strong early reactions to the upcoming DCEU installment. Not only has Aquaman been compared to The Lord of the Rings, but it’s also been likened to battles in the Star Wars franchise.

Now, according to a new post by The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers chairman Toby Emmerich has started talks for Aquaman 2 as early as this month. Though a writer for the film hasn’t been commissioned yet, it seems like the studio is eager to get the sequel in its roster of films for the DCEU. If everything goes right, fans could probably expect Aquaman 2 to be slated for release after Wonder Woman 1984’s premiere in 2020.

Right now, Aquaman has a pretty strong early tracking with industry analysts expecting the movie to rake in a massive $65 million haul at the domestic box office, topping other December contenders like Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns and the upcoming Transformers spinoff movie, Bumblebee. While this opening might be lower than Justice League’s $93.8 million domestic hauls, many expect Aquaman to outperform the movie thanks to great word of mouth and positive reviews.

Aquaman swims into cinemas December 21, 2019.

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