The Rotten Tomatoes Score For Titans Is Out

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
October 11, 2018  09:21 PM

The DC Universe’s Titans is making its big debut tomorrow, and it looks like the superhero series’ advanced reviews are now making their way to Rotten Tomatoes.

Now with 22 reviews for Titans on the review aggregate website, Titans is enjoying an 82% Tomato meter score with 18 reviewers rating the film as a fresh new series and 4 reviewers rating it as a flop.

Most of the reviewers seem to enjoy the “wild” and “risky” atmosphere of DC Universe’s very first original series, and while many admit the show does have its flaws, they do say the series has a lot of potential to become stronger as time goes on. Still, some reviewers can’t help but give the series a rotten score, saying that the series “isn’t even Teen Titans” and complaining about cheap-looking production designs and forgettable fight scenes.

Interestingly enough, one of the negative reviews for the series does mention Starfire as the series’ standout character – a definite surprise considering the backlash surrounding the presentation of the character in the show. Fans were a tad bit skeptical when DC announced that it had announced that it had cast Anna Diop for the role of Starfire in the series. Though some eventually warmed up to her casting, many were disappointed when they saw that Titans had turned the Tamaran princess into a fire-wielding hero in the trailers for the show.

We guess Diop must have done an excellent job on the show because now it looks like Starfire’s become the most notable character in the series. We can’t wait and see what Titans has to offer us tomorrow.

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