The Punisher Jon Bernthal Becomes Viral After Surprising Road Rage Incident

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June 29, 2020  02:14 PM


Known for the gruff character that he’s played throughout his career, Marvel fans wouldn’t be surprised to see The Punisher star Jon Bernthal to center in a viral story about road rage. However, while Bernthal’s characters in The Punisher and The Walking Dead might be a little rough around the edges, the actor’s pretty gentle in real life – so much so that this viral road rage story involving Bernthal reeks of gentle affability.

Last weekend, the actor went viral on Twitter for a road rage story where Bernthal was cut off in traffic only to offer the most wholesome response.

Taking to Twitter, a netizen decided to share a story where she had cut off someone in traffic. Expecting the person in the other car to flip her off, he takes off his glasses and smiles, revealing himself to be none other than Jon Bernthal.

You can check out the tweet down here:



What’s even sweeter is that Bernthal responded to the tweet, sending his love to the Twitter fan and giving his regards to her partner.

Bernthal might play rough and tumble characters, but the actor sure is a softie.

Though it’s been years since The Punisher’s cancellation, Marvel fans are holding on to the hope that the series might come to life again on Disney+. The series may no longer have a home on Netflix, but now that the character’s two-year contract with the streaming giant has come to an end, it can easily find a new place over at Disney’s new streaming site.

Let’s wait and see what happens.

The Punisher is available for streaming on Netflix.

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