The Deadpool 2 Cast On Whether Their Characters Would Have Survived Thanos’ Massacre In Infinity War

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Deadpool might have the ability to regenerate, but if the Merc with a Mouth (Ryan Reynolds) were in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Avengers: Infinity War, would he have survived Thanos’ devastating finger-snapping massacre? Would the lucky Domino ( Zazie Beetz) have survived too?

Speaking in an interview with the Huffington Post, Reynolds and his Deadpool co-stars were asked whether or not their different characters would survive the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

Stefan Kapicic, the actor who plays Colossus in both Deadpool movies was the first to answer the publication, saying with certainty that “Colossus definitely survived.”  Reynolds, channelling his inner Merc with a Mouth, shot Kapicic down.

“What? Please, you were the first to die,” Reynolds cracked up. “Dishonorably, I might add.”

Meanwhile, the actor who plays Dopinder, Karan Soni, remains hopeful because of the bond he’s made together with Josh Brolin, Deadpool 2’s Cable, and of course, Marvel’s Thanos. But the only person everyone could get to agree on surviving was Domino, the ever lucky mutant.

“I (could survive,” Beetz said.

“If anybody could, it would be you,” Reynolds agree, before going on rambling about having a Thanos/West Side Story for Marvel fans.

What about Deadpool? Could Wade Wilson’s sassy mouth keep him safe from the power of the Infinity Stones? Reynolds might not be so optimistic, but some fans might think otherwise.

What do you think? Would Deadpool have survived? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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