Suicide Squad Writer Supports Warner Brother’s Decision To Tap James Gunn For Sequel

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
October 10, 2018  12:58 PM


There was a whole lot of surprise when DC announced that former Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was being tapped to write and direct the DC Extended Universe’s Suicide Squad 2.

Disney fired Gunn back in July because of a smear campaign that dug up a couple of inappropriate and insensitive the filmmaker made more than a decade ago, and since then there’s been a whole lot of controversy surrounding the director.  

While there have been numerous reactions to the news that Warner Brothers is currently in talks with Gunn to have him helm Suicide Squad 2, one of the original film’s writers, Rob Williams, feels like the former Guardians director is a perfect fit for the movie.

Taking to Twitter, Williams offered Gunn his support, saying that the director’s take on Guardians of the Galaxy was what the original Suicide Squad should have been.

"FWIW (for what it's worth) - after writing something like 50 issues of Suicide Squad - the first Guardians movie pretty much tonally nailed what the Squad should be," the writer posted on Twitter. “ With more villainy, yes. But that's a volume dial switch from 9 to 10, really. It's ALL about character."

Right now,  we’re keeping our fingers crossed about Gunn taking on Suicide Squad 2, but if the negotiations do come through, then we’re pretty sure the filmmaker would do an exceptional job of writing and directing the Suicide Squad follow-up.

If the director could make an odd and obscure team like the Guardians into one of Marvel’s fan-favorite ragtag group of cosmic misfits, then he could certainly work some magic into the ill-received Suicide Squad.

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