Stranger Things Star Billy Takes Over Hugh Jackman’s Role As Wolverine In New Image

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July 11, 2019  01:49 PM


It might be a bit hard to imagine anyone else aside from Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but now that the X-men are expected to join Marvel’s other heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have been eagerly naming actors who could potentially become the new James Howlett.

One of the names being thrown around is Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery’s. The Australian actor first rose to Hollywood fame after starring in the 2017 Power Rangers live-action movie but it was his performance as Billy Hargrove in Matt and Ross Duffer’s Stranger Things that made him a fan-favorite.

Now, after the recent release of Stranger Things Season 3, fan artist BossLogic has decided to share a fanart showcasing Montgomery replacing Jackman as Marvel’s new Wolverine. As expected, Montgomery looks pretty cool as Logan with his ratty jacket and his fat cigar.

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The call for Montgomery as the new Wolverine barely comes as a surprise. In a way, the Australian actor’s Stranger Things character Billy Hargrove was kind of like Wolverine with his tough-guy act and his aggressive behavior. Montgomery would fit well in the role.

Of course, it may take some time before anyone gets the chance to play Wolverine. Marvel plans to take its time bringing the X-Men into the MCU – the studio still has to deal with mapping out the fourth phase of the franchise before thinking about bringing in Fox’s mutant characters. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed and wait.

Marvel’s latest release, Spider-Man: Far From Home, is currently screening in cinemas.

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