Star Wars Turns Jar Jar Into A War Hero

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February 11, 2019  12:51 PM


It might sound like one big, blundering joke to Star Wars fans, but it looks like the Star Wars franchise has officially named the notoriously hated Jar Jar Binks as a war hero.

Not only has the canon Star Wars comic books turned one of the franchise’s most detested characters into an actual hero of war during the Clone Wars, but they even let the incompetent and grating Gungan wield a Jedi lightsaber while in combat during the war.

Lucasfilm just recently released Star Wars: Age of Republic Special, a collection of stories set in and around the Star Wars prequels. This new comic book series gives a brand new twist to Jar Jar’s story in the movies, putting the blustering, butter-fingered Gungan in the middle of the battle between the Clones and the Separatist Droids.

While the comic starts out with Jar Jar being brought in as a translator for the Clones, the Gungan starts being his usual blustering itself. It’s when the character single-handedly dooms a batch of Clone Soldiers that Jar Jar rises above, rescuing the Clone Wars favorite, Captain Rex. Though Rex is expecting General Laan Tik to be his rescuer, it turns out all the praise goes to Jar Jar instead.

It definitely might sound like a big joke to the fans, but Jar Jar really does seem to have a good form holding lightsabers. Check the Gungan out here:

Jar Jar’s still as clumsy as ever though. We wonder if that part of the “War” hero is ever going to change.

Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: Episode IX is set for release on December 20, 2019.

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