Star Wars Fans Begin #AllStarWarsIsGood Campaign to Unite Fanbase

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August 05, 2020  12:26 PM



Being one of the most successful franchises in Hollywood history, it comes as no surprise that Star Wars has a massive and passionate following. However, as much the Star Wars fanbase loves the galaxy far, far away, fans can sometimes be brutally upfront about their dislike for certain Star Wars films. It doesn’t help that past few entries in Disney’s Star Wars sequel trilogy have been rather divisive.

Hoping to encourage positivity in the fanbase, Star Wars fans have started a brand new campaign on Twitteer called #AllStarWarsIsGood. Taking to the social media platform, fans have been encouraging others to recognize the need for positive energy in the Star Wars fandom.

Though some would disagree with the hashtag, supporters of the campaign explain that #SAllStarWarsIsGood means that while certain parts of Star Wars might not be as phenomenal to some, they’re pretty great to others. The campaign means to promote the idea of camaraderie and understanding among fans.

You can check out some of the tweets down here:







It’s great to see the Star Wars following trying to encourage positivity in the fanbase. As passionate as it may be, the Star Wars fanbase can be at times rather toxic. There were times that fans would viciously attack the cast and crew of certain Star Wars entries simply because they didn’t like the movie or they didn’t like specific characters.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi actress Kelly Marie Tran has been one of the most recent victims of online bullying with fans harassing her because of her character, Rose Tico. Now that Star Wars moves on from the Skywalker saga, we hope that fans can learn to respect one another’s opinions and to express themselves in healthy, more positive ways.

The Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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