Star Wars: Episode IX To Reportedly Feature A Ridiculously Powerful Luke Skywalker

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December 06, 2018  12:45 PM


Star Wars fans might be shriveling up waiting for more details about Star Wars: Episode IX, but with the film a good full year away from its release, Lucasfilm continues to keep the film’s secrets under wraps. Despite the nonexistent teasers, trailers, photos, and synopsis, fans keep themselves satiated with the rumors and theories circulating online.

One of the most recent rumors about Episode IX that’s been running up and down the mill centers around Mark Hamill’s return as Luke Skywalker after the Master Jedi’s poignant sacrifice in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  

According to Cinema Blend, there’s a rumor going around saying that Luke is going to return with even more power in Episode IX – enough power to take down an entire Star Destroyer by himself. That’s a pretty big feat considering that Luke’s still pretty much a human, but the Skywalker’s always been strong with the Force.

While this rumor ought to be taken with a grain of salt as with any other report that fans find online, an ultra-powerful Luke Skywalker is something that would excite all the traditional Star Wars fans that were disappointed in the outcome of The Last Jedi. While many praised the film for subverting fan expectations, traditional fans were upset that the film turned Luke into a jaded old hermit and that the character never got to do anything “cool” in the film.

In The Last Jedi’s defense, the film didn’t fail to show Luke’s strength. It took a whole lot of energy for the Jedi Master just to project his image on Crait to save the Resistance – so much energy that he spent all his Life Force confronting his wayward nephew Kylo Ren (Adam Driver).

We can’t wait to see Luke return in Star Wars: Episode IX when the film premieres in December next year.

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