Star Wars: Episode IX Leak Answers ‘Controversial MacGuffin’ With C-3PO And Anakin Skywalker

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March 26, 2019  11:16 AM


While Lucasfilm has been deathly quiet about Star Wars: Episode IX the past few months, Star Wars fans have been busy building up rumors and theories about everything that’s to come in the sequel trilogy’s third and final entry.

Now, as Star Wars Celebration fast approaches with the film’s teaser, an alleged new Episode IX leak is keeping the fanbase busy.

Earlier this year, word came out Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s sequel would have a massively controversial MacGuffin that would divide fans. Some have been speculating that the plot device would have to do with C-3PO – not only has Anthony Daniels been posting absurd malfunctioning droid messages on Twitter, but Oscar Isaac hinted in a recent interview that the actor would have a bigger role in the upcoming film.

Now, according to the guys from Making Star Wars (via Now This Is Podcasting), a new leak ties all of these things together, stringing along Anakin Skywalker in the mix.

“One of the things going around that might answer some of the questions, maybe, is that 3PO’s memories might be a part of things,” the podcast’s hosts name the MacGuffin. “We were hearing that it sounded like the MacGuffin if you will, is going to be starting off as one thing and becomes another. One of the things going around was that 3PO’s memories were part of it.”

The publication posits that Rey (Daisy Ridley) and the other heroes of the new sequel trilogy, might have to look for 3PO’s wiped memories for answers in the movie.

“Maybe they go to the Tantive IV (starship, as seen in A New Hope), dig out the fragments of 3PO’s memory from when they did the wipe using technology from50 years after, and then that leads them to something else,” the hosts go on, “If that was the case, it would imply it is an Anakin-centric artifact or Jedi Order.”

It’s a wild theory, though there have been a number of rumors saying that Anakin Skywalker might actually appear in Episode IX. It doesn’t help that Hayden Christensen is appearing at this year’s Star Wars Celebration.

Star Wars: Episode IX premieres December 20, 2019.

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