Star Wars: Episode IX Already Has An Initial Cut For Its Trailer

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January 10, 2019  08:15 PM



Star Wars fans were pretty disappointed during the holiday season. Everyone was hoping that Lucasfilm would roll out the first trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX sometime during the Christmas and New Year holidays after seeing Disney drop new footage left and right ( one for Captain Marvel, one for Avengers: Infinity War and one for Lion King) back in December. Unfortunately, the trailer never came and now fans have resigned themselves to the strong possibility that they’d have to wait for Star Wars Celebration 2019 in April to see the trailer to Lucasfilm’s third and final sequel trilogy installment.  

Now, a new report says that new footage for Episode IX just might drop soon. Making Star Wars just recently put up a post saying that sources have told them that an initial trailer for Episode IX has already been cut at Lucasfilm, suggesting that a release might not be too far behind.

However, according to the Star Wars fan site, the current cut of the trailer might not actually be the final version of Episode IX trailer that fans are going to get to see once Lucasfilm drops the footage, saying that the video’s only been seen by “very few people.”

If Lucasfilm does manage to refine the initial cut soon, then we could probably see the trailer for The Last Jedi’s sequel by the end of the month.

But of course, fans have to be reminded not to get their hopes up. Take the report with a grain of salt. You can’t trust everything you read online, now can you?

Star Wars: Episode IX is set for release on December 20, 2019.

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