Star Wars Books Have Already Set Up The Arrival Of Lando’s Daughter

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February 11, 2019  01:11 PM


For the past few weeks, rumors have been going around saying that Star Wars newbie Naomi Ackie might actually be playing Lando’s (Billy Dee Williams) daughter, Veranda (Vera) Calrissian in Star Wars: Episode IX. Though Lucasfilm has yet to confirm the report regarding Ackie, it seems like Lucasfilm’s already been preparing for the arrival of Lando’s daughter.

Screen Rant has been following the news surrounding Lando’s supposed daughter and her appearance in Episode IX. Though the site can’t confirm the rumors regarding Veranda Calrissian, the entertainment news outlet brings up tie-in content from Lucasfilm itself.

Last year, the studio published a Solo: A Star Wars Movie tie-in novel written by Daniel Jose Older called Last Shot. The book explored the relationship that Han Solo’s had with Lando Calrissian over the years, and in one section of the book, readers find themselves after the events of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. In that section of the book, readers see Lando deciding to settle down on Bespin, turning the place into a lucrative business.

It’s here where the slick smuggler finds himself crossing paths with Kasha Bateen, an old flame, and a former Twi’lek freedom fighter. Eventually, after finding himself genuinely attracted to Kasha, Lando decides to settle down, starting a family of his own.

Following the canon storyline of the books, it makes so much sense to see Lando having a daughter in Episode IX. The only question now is whether Ackie really is playing the smuggler’s child.

Let’s wait and see.

Star Wars: Episode IX premieres December 20, 2019.

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