Star Trek: Picard SDCC Trailer Calls Patrick Stewart Back Into Action With Star Trek Veteran Actors

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July 20, 2019  05:20 PM



Star Trek fans are having a field day today.

CBS All Access just released the very first full trailer for its highly anticipated series, Star Trek: Picard. The Star Trek series brings back Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard, showing the former USS Enterprise Captain decades after the adventures of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

While it seems like Picard is enjoying his retirement, the former Captain finds himself being called into action. Now, the former Starfleet Captain has to build a new team and return to the stars after being approached by a mysterious woman who brings with her the shadow of a very familiar threat.

In previous interviews with Picard showrunner Alex Kurtzman, fans have been told that the series is going to take a very different tone from CBS All Access latest Star Trek series, Discovery – though it seems like both the shows are going to take on a serialized format.

Along with Stewart is a few familiar faces from Star Trek: Voyager and from The Next Generation. There’s Brent Spiner who’s reprising his role as the android Data. There's also Jeri Ryan who’s returning as the rehabilitated Borg Seven of Nine.

There are a number of new faces as well, including the actors and actresses Isa Briones who’s playing Dahj, Santiago Cabrera who’s playing Cristobal Rios, Michelle Hurd who’s playing Raffi Musiker, Alison Pill who’s playing Dr. Agnes Jurati, Evan Evagora who’s playing Elnor, and Harry Treadway who’s playing Narek.

 Star Trek: Picard doesn’t have a release date yet but we’ll update everyone as soon as we get word.

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