Stan Lee Makes Fun Of Marvel Studios On Its 10th Anniversary

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - February 13, 2018

Marvel Studios is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the company just recently released a cast photo and character banner to celebrate the studios first ten years.

At the center of everything was legendary comic book creator Stan Lee who was on hand for Marvel Studios’ milestone photoshoot. It’s hard to miss Stan the Man sitting behind Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige sitting up front and center in the front bleacher of the area.

Sharing the group photo on Instagram, Lee then decided to troll the studio, by telling Marvel Studios it had 67 more to go till it caught up to his 77 years in the comic book business.


“Congratulations @marvelstudios on your 10 year anniversary! I've been in the business for 77 years - only 67 more to go and you'll catch up to me!”

Lee’s one of the pillars of the Marvel universe. After 77 years of  writing comics, creating characters and appearing in varied cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lee has left a strong legacy that continues to grow each year that passes by.

Though Lee’s had a few worrying health issues, the legendary comic book writer seems to be as lively as ever. We can’t wait to see his latest cameo in Black Panther which is set to premiere on February 16.



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