Spider-Man: Far From Home Twitter Account Scolds Fan For Pirated Screenshots

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
July 11, 2019  04:51 PM


It looks like pirated Spider-Man: Far From Home screenshots are getting a Marvel fan into trouble.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel’s only been in cinemas for two weeks, but it seems like pirated screenshots of the movie have been making the rounds online. One Marvel fan decided to share some of these screenshots on Twitter, and soon enough the post managed to catch the attention of the social media personnel behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Twitter handle.

According to CBR, a Marvel fan named Becky decided to post three images of Far From Home’s Peter Parker (Tom Holland) taken from various moments in the movie.

Spotting the post, Far From Home’s official Twitter account reposted the tweet and asked this fan where she got the screenshots.  When the fan didn’t reply, the twitter account then proceeded to respond with a GIF taken from Ghost, a 1990 movie where Whoopi Goldberg is seen warning Demi Moore that she was in danger. Right now the tweets aren't available, but the story is already out online. Fans have to remember that no matter how much they love a movie, piracy is never something that they ought to do. It’s illegal and it hurts all the people who made so much effort into making movies that everyone enjoys.

Besides, seeing how successful Far From Home is, it probably won’t take long for Marvel to give the film its own home release. Right now, Far From Home is expected to come out on DVD, Blu Ray, and Digital HD sometime this October.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently screening in cinemas.

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