Should Disney Release The New Mutants On Hulu Instead?

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March 13, 2020  02:12 PM



The New Mutants was just removed from Disney’s roster of releases this year, and while most fans are busy lamenting over the delay, some are wondering what this might mean for the upcoming X-Men spinoff. Will Disney give The New Mutants a new theatrical release? Or will Disney opt to release the movie on Disney+ or on Hulu instead?

According to a report by, it’s possible that Marvel may be considering releasing The New Mutants online instead of giving the film a proper release date. The project has gone through so many cancellations and reschedules, fans have begun to believe that the film’s been eternally cursed.  

Sure, Marvel may think of giving the film a brand new release date, but it wouldn’t really benefit the studio right now. COVID-19 has become pretty aggressive the past few days, and we can’t really tell when exactly the virus might die down. Marvel might provide a brand new release date for The New Mutants, only to cancel the release again because of the spreading novel coronavirus.

If Marvel wants to scratch that itch over The New Mutants, the studio could give the film an online release on Hulu. Not only will it allow fans to see the movie at home, but it will also provide Marvel a testing pole for the viability of releasing blockbusters on streaming sites instead of giving them theatrical releases.

What do you think? Should The New Mutants be given a Hulu release instead? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

The New Mutants has yet to receive a new release date.

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