Shazam! Star Zachary Levi Would Have Wanted To Play Deadpool

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May 22, 2019  09:07 PM



It might be hard to imagine anyone else as Deadpool aside from Ryan Reynolds, but if the Green Lantern star hadn’t taken on the role, then Zachary Levi says that he would have loved to become 20th Century Fox’s brassy Merc with a Mouth.

While it’s been quite a while since Levi’s DC Extended Universe standalone movie made its premiere on the big screen, the Shazam! star continues to make appearances and talk about his role in the DC franchise. Speaking with fans at the MegaCon in Orlando last weekend (via, Levi responded to a whole lot of questions from fans.

Knowing that Levi has played roles in both the DCEU and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (in Thor 2 and Thor: Ragnarok ), a fan decided to ask the actor which villain he’d like to play in each universe.

“I’ve said may times before that Deadpool was my favorite villain in the Marvel universe,” Levi explained. “He’s now an anti-hero, I understand that, but not when I found him. He was definitely a villain back then, and I would love to play Deadpool. Except Ryan’s been doing that very, very astutely.”

Levi would have made an interesting Merc with a Mouth. Unfortunately, the role has gone on to Reynolds, and the actor seems perfect for the part. The Deadpool film franchise has been massively successful, raking in more than $1.5 billion at the box office with both its films. In fact, Deadpool has been the most successful R-Rated comic book movie to date.

Shazam! is set for release on DVD and on Blu-Ray on July 16.

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