Roland And Man Black Got Each Other’s Backs In Two New Dark Tower Posters

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
July 04, 2017  03:23 PM

In a month’s time Stephen King fans are going to finally see The Dark Tower science fiction western action horror film-adaptation on the big screen and though promotion hasn’t been as heavy, the film’s marketing team have slowly been adding new promotional material to amp up the hype.

After releasing the first trailer for Dark Tower, production has rolled out a series of new posters for the highly anticipated movie in the Flickering Myth. One has The Dark Tower right behind The Man in Black(Mathew McConaughey) striking a pose in Mid-World whileRoland (Idris Elba) standing on the streets of New York. The other shows the two standback to back ontop of a rooftop with The Dark Tower standing behind them.

Check them out down here:

Taking in a minimalist design that’s become all-the-rage these days, the new posters don’t really tell much about the upcoming movie and it’s quite a surprise the production had the material released so late. With a month to go till the film sees release, fans ought to be seeing the film undergo a heavy marketing campaign right now. We certainly hope that the new posters are just the start of the promotional run and that Sony would add more fire to the film’s marketing so that word gets out and more viewers will come see the film.



The Dark Tower hits cinemas August 4, 2017.

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