Pixar’s New Trailer for Soul Promises a Jazzy Tear-Jerker Movie

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November 07, 2019  12:17 PM


Now that Pixar’s done releasing Toy Story 4, the company is working on developing original movies, and that includes the studio’s brand new computer-animated adventure fantasy comedy, Soul. The studio just released the very first trailer for the movie today, and the sequences look pretty amazing.

Pixar posted the trailer for Soul on YouTube today, and the video seems to promise another major tearjerker like Up, Inside Out, and Coco. Not only does the trailer wow fans with the film’s gorgeous animation, but it also takes viewers in with its jazzy soundtrack and its call for passion.

Soul, much like its name implies, focuses on a jazz musician named Joe Gardner. Despite his passion for music, Joe is forced to put his dreams on hold when he decides to become a teacher. Unfortunately, the musician dies in an accident in the film and his soul is sent to a new place called You Seminar. That’s where his after-life adventure begins.

The word “soul” works two ways in this movie – it refers to the musical genre soul, and it refers to the spiritual or immaterial part of all living things.

The inward-looking premise reminds us of Inside Out, and we’re excited to see how much this movie is going to make us cry. Jamie Fox is starring as Joe Gardner in Soul. He’s set to appear alongside a stellar cast including Daveed Diggs, Tina Fey, Phylicia Rashad, and Questlove. Pixar president Pete Doctor is directing the film from a  script that he co-wrote together with Kemp Powers and Mike Jones.

Soul is set to premiere on June 19, 2020.

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