Moon Knight Series Villain Reportedly Revealed

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October 31, 2019  05:34 PM



There was a whole lot of surprise when Marvel announced that it would be developing a Moon Knight television series for Disney’s upcoming streaming site, Disney+. Sure, there have been rumors going around saying that Marvel was thinking about giving the hero his own Marvel movie, but nothing came out of those rumors.

Now, Marvel has decided to give Moon Knight his series, and according to the sources of MCU Cosmic, a new leak may reveal at least one villain in the upcoming series.

According to a report by MCU Cosmic, sources have revealed that Moon Knight is getting Stained Glass Scarlet as one of its villains.

For those who aren’t familiar with the characters, Moon Knight, otherwise known as Marc Spector, is a superhero who struggles with multiple personalities and amoral values. Starting as a CIA operative, Marc Spector lived the life of a hired gun. However, the agent became tired of overthrowing governments and assassinations. Close to death after a mission, Spector found the statue of the Egyptian god Khnoshu looming over him, and it saved his life. Spector then gained powers and multiple personalities, taking on the name Moon Knight.

Stained Glass Scarlet, on the other hand, is a Moon Knight comic book villain who doesn’t have powers despite sharing a psychic connection with Spector.

The character seems like a potential candidate as a villain for Spector in the upcoming Marvel series, though Marvel Studios does have several other characters to chose from in the show.

Moon Knight has yet to receive a release date. We’ll update everyone as soon as we get word.

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