Matt Reeves Reportedly Recasting Ben Affleck For The Batman

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - December 07, 2017

It looks like The Batman director Matt Reeves is expected to recast DC Extended Universe star Ben Affleck as Batman.

Though DC fans have been loving Affleck’s rendition of the Dark Knight,  saying that he has the most comic book accurate version of the character to date, there’s been a lot of uncertainty whether Affleck would remain in the DCEU for long.

Sure there have been reports saying that Affleck would stay to star in the burgeoning superhero franchise’s Batman solo movie, however there has also been a number of other stories indicating that that might not be true.

Now, in a new article by Variety on the Warner Brother’s shakeup after the wake of Justice League’s poor box office performance, a short passage indicates the future of Affleck’s Caped Crusader.

Though the DCEU star is expected to appear in the franchise’s standalone Flash movie as Batman, the publication notes that it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be starring in Reeve’s standalone Batman movie, saying that Reeves “is said to want to cast the role with fresh talent.”

Of course, this can never be really certain until Affleck and Reeves give their final say in the matter. Sure Affleck has been more or less unsure about his involvement, but there have been moments where he said he was more than willing to play Batman again for Reeves. We’ll just have to hold on and hope.

Justice League is currently screening in cinemas.



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